Awesome iOS camera apps

Awesome iOS Camera Apps
Awesome iOS Camera Apps

Unless you’ve been living in a darkroom for the last few years you’ll know there are a lot of camera apps in the iOS App Store. TechRadar, the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site, recently commissioned me to write a feature highlighting ten of the best.

I’ve written about mobile creativity for TechRadar in the past, including an in-depth piece on how mobile journalists were embracing smartphones to bring innovative coverage of the UK General Election. I’ve also put together best buy lists on accessories for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.

Back to camera apps.

Battle Lines

With such a volume of apps, I had to draw some battle lines. My editor and I agreed that this was to be a stills camera-led piece, and I chose then to focus on image capture rather than image processing.

I knew there would be apps that I’d miss and those that would be borderline. Discussing my choices on Twitter with BBC mobilemeister Marc Settle, I determined that the popular app Prisma (which was in fact released shortly after I filed the copy) wouldn’t have made the cut: while the images it outputs can be amazing, its image capture is secondary and basic at best. VSCO does feature in my list, however – its filters are among the best I’ve seen, but its camera has some great features and usability tweaks too.

I did allow myself one wildcard though: the DxO One I wrote about here while at CES. Sure, strictly it’s a camera accessory (although its app would still one of the best camera apps here) but I always try to offer something a bit different in a list feature.

Read my 10 Awesome iPhone Camera Apps feature here at TechRadar and, of course, let me know on Twitter which camera apps I absolutely should have included.