IndieVice Smartphone Filmmaking Rig Hits Kickstarter


The IndieVice is a smartphone filmmaking rig quite unlike any I’ve seen before. With a feature set that reads more like filmmaker’s wish-list, the IndieVice boldly promises to push the boundaries of what’s possible with smartphone video.

** UPDATE 8 Jul 2015 – The IndieVice just achieved its crowdfunding goal, raising $50,000 with 20 days of its Kickstarter campaign remaining. Units are due to ship in March 2016 **

After revealing the first details in April the Montreal-based start-up (presumptuously-named Disruptive Tech) just announced that the IndieVice will (finally) launch on Kickstarter on June 29th.

IndieVice Smartphone Filmmaking Rig

While I’ve not been hands-on with the IndieVice prototype that has been doing the rounds stateside, the press materials I’ve seen suggest it stands a fair chance of proving very popular on the crowdfunding platform. Features include:

  • Universal Smart Body, as happy with an iPhone as it is with an Android or Windows Phone
  • Remote Bluetooth controls on the body (zoom-in/out, start/stop recording etc)
  • Loupe-style eyepiece with dioptric adjustment and a magnifying lens
  • Tripod and accessory mounts

Ironically, there’s very little video available at present on the IndieVice, but French photography site Focus Numerique does have this:

I’m sure there will be the usual questions about how many accessories is too many, and at what point does it just make more sense to use a ‘proper camera’ instead (whatever one of those is) but there’s no doubting that the IndieVice will excite the smartphone filmmaking and mobile journalism communities a great deal.

The IndieVice Kickstarter campaign opens for business on 29th June 2015, watch how it goes right here.