Mobile Journalism TV Special

Mobile Journalism in Action editor David McClelland shares exclusive clips of the Planet of the Apps Mobile Journalism Special.

As some of you might know I work on a TV show producing and presenting features on mobile apps, games, gadgets. Planet of the Apps is made in London by Ginx TV and broadcasts internationally to 41 territories (and growing).

My first appearance on POTA was as a guest in early 2013 to show my smartphone filmmaking rig; joining the team full-time gave me an opportunity to pitch for more features on smartphone filmmaking and mobile journalism. After much haranguing, our exec producer James finally yielded – sensible man. The result was a Planet of the Apps episode dedicated to helping viewers capture great video on their smartphones, and I want to share a couple of items from that show here.

In series 3 episode 2 (first broadcast in early 2014 – we’re now well into series 4 now) I got hands on with some essential accessories for smartphone filmmakers and journalists. I was then challenged to put my money where my mouth is and film a news item. Here’s how I fared while mobile newsgathering at the under-threat London South Bank Skatepark:

(Although I can take no credit whatsoever, the South Bank Skatepark has been reprieved since this was shot.)

In the same episode I chatted with Glen Mulcahy, Innovation Lead for Irish public service broadcaster RTÉ, about why newsrooms are taking MoJo seriously and why iOS remains the dominant platform. Glen is a leading light in mobile journalism and spear-headed the inaugural MoJoCon conference earlier this year.

I also spoke with Bevan Thomas, co-founder of citizen video journalist app Newsflare, about how not only journalists and broadcasters can capitalise on the smartphone video revolution.

While I’m not sure I can justify another Planet of the Apps episode dedicated to smartphone video any time soon, we do our best to cover mobile innovations as they come along, the best of which I’ll try to post here.

To find out more about Planet of the Apps, watch on-demand selected shows and clips, and find out on which channel it airs in your country, head on over to Ginx TV.